String Art

Everyone seems to be into creating string art so we thought we would give it try.  I actually first tried my hand at this at a craft club event a while back.  My Mom has always thought the one I made was cool and asked me to make one for Amber's Birthday.

 Heart String Art I made at Craft Club

Heart String Art I made at Craft Club

Start with a board.  You can go to the home store and get some and they will even it cut it for you.  If you go at a slow time they will generally make as many cuts as you want but most have a policy of 5 cuts.  More and more craft stores are carrying pre-cut unfinished wood.  It is generally more expensive to purchase these even with a coupon but sometimes it is the fastest option.  You know, since you are there any way.

My board below came from leftovers from craft club, it was white and I painted it turquoise. Next I searched the internet for a music note to make a pattern from. I googled "outline of music note" and came up with a ton of choices. I decided {against my better judgement} on a treble clef. After printing my pattern I had to enlarge it on my copier, 200% did the trick. Then I centered on my board and began placing thumbtacks. I recommend putting a tack in all the corners and creases first then filling in with the rest of the tacks.

The heart pattern worked much better, it had a ton of open space to criss cross and string your string all around.