#Whole30 Day 3

Day 3 and everything is awesome {sung in my best Lego voice}. It really was a great day. We stayed home which gave us a reboot. Additionally my Mom watched the kids for 1.5hrs so I could sit in a coffee shop and gather myself back together {GLORIOUS}. 

Day 3 Meals- Breakfast: Half a sweet potato with 2 fried eggs and fresh spinach (yes, sweet potato and egg are my favorite combo. Lunch: Leftover omelette from Day 1 on top of fresh spinach. (My husband took chicken sausage with a salad to work.) Dinner: Hamburger with a fried egg on top of mixed greens with avocado, tomato, cucumber, sautéed onion and mushrooms with a side of home fries. Snack: Cashews and almost an apple {When will I learn to pack 3?].

Day 3 Recap- Dinner was my favorite. The husband's too, he asked for it to be on indefinite rotation. We went swimming during the witching hours {3-5} and that was good because when the kids are most bad is when I most want snacks and treats. Between that and dinner time I got hungry but it wasn't a gut wrenching hunger, it was a couple bites of cucumber as I prep dinner makes it all better hunger. My plan is to stay busy this summer and I think today had the right mix of home time and away time. I made sure I was home for all three meals today.

We discussed what me missed tonight at dinner. My husband misses "Moon Milk" with is the sweetened creamer that SummerMoon Coffee House puts into their drinks. And evidently chocolate because he spoke about that a couple of times. However, I miss and LONG for ice cream. I think about how to cleverly "slip up" all the time.

Tomorrow night I am going to raise the question "What do we not miss?" after dinner. Because I really do not miss BREAD. Not in the slightest. I miss processed snack foods and desserts. Connivence food as people like to call them. I guess right now it is less convenient to be healthy to me but I am hoping after thirty days my mindset will change on that one.

#Whole30 Day 2

Day 2 was "strugglesville". Yes, that is a word. I didn't plan to spend the entire day in a car with my kids after have well visits where they both got boosters. Nope. That was not the plan. But we survived. AND I did NOT eat cotton candy or POPCORN that they acquired at the zoo. Not EVEN a lick of my fingers as I had to divide it out, I pulled out a wet wipe and everything. Can I get a high-five?

Day 2 Meals- Breakfast: My FAVORITE Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs and Ground Pork (for the husband because eggs are not meat to him {insert eye roll}. HERE is a recipe for a similar version to what I make. I am working on making a post about my favorite bag which will include my Whole30 and overall general kitchen essential the potato bag. It is truly a game changer. Lunch: Tuna with boiled egg and homemade mayo in lettuce cups. Dinner: Out AGAIN, Sirloin grilled without marinade or butter with a plain and dry baked potato, boiled shrimp and a dry garden salad. 2nd Dinner: YES, I said 2nd Dinner, leftover pork carnitas on some lettuce. We got home late and I was so hungry I thought I was going to eat my baby. So I ate pork carnitas and spared the kid. Snack: Apple Peel {my kid wanted my apple but wanted it peeled sooooo I ate around the outside...the STRUGGLE IS REAL}, Carrots, and Cashews.

Day 2 Recap- I didn't want to die today, my head didn't hurt, I didn't feel miserable BUT I was HUNGRY all day. I grazed ALL day. On carrots, apples, nuts, tea. I probably had too much caffeine via tea. I don't know. I DO know it kept me from eating all the road/zoo snacks my boys enjoyed (Ahem...Buc ee's Beef Jerky). So I am okay with this. In January I got through the first week then concentrated on portion control and snacking. That is my plan again.

It wasn't my finest Whole30 day and tomorrow is a new day. That is where I am.


#Whole30 Day 1

June 1st, I started Whole30. No people have died today (so far) in this journey, successful Day 1. Back in January I did a sort of Whole30 for around 26 or 28 days (it is all a fog). I fell off the wagon and tried several times to start again and THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL. The husband and I had many conversations about how much better we felt in January and how awful we felt now and it always ended with "well next week lets start again".  Of course "next week" was full of excuses and reasons why we JUST COULD NOT. Then last Saturday as we literally "laid" around the house the whole day because we were exhausted and feeling crummy I decided ENOUGH. In between refereeing the boys I made a grocery list as best I could from memory of easy meals to JUST GET GOING on Whole30.

My list(s) included:

Costco:  Avocados, Spring Mix lettuce, Mushrooms, Spinach, Boiled Eggs (AMAZING), Organic Eggs, Egg Whites, Apples,  And I also left with Guacamole Single Serve Pacs and a Keurig 2.0 because you know INSTANT REBATE.

Trader Joes: Oranges, Lemons, Garlic, Kale, Potato, Apples, Banana, Bell Pepper, Tuna Fish, Frozen Bell Peppers, Frozen Shrimp, Frozen Fish, Ground Beef, Ground Turkey, Chicken Sausage, Smoked Salmon, Dried Figs, Cashews, Almonds, Almond Butter

HEB: Sweet Potatoes, Jalapeno, 5lb Pork Butt Roast, Ground Pork, Green Tea K Cups

In my pantry I already had shiny new Ghee, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Coconut Mana, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Hot Pepper Sauce, Pickles without Sugar and low sodium, seasonings such as Garlic, Black Pepper, Oregano, Sea Salt, Cajun Seasoning, Dried Basil, and 21 Seasoning Blend.  Additionally I had Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Chives, Oregano, Thyme, Cilantro, and a variety of mint from my garden.

Day 1 Meals - Breakfast: Egg & egg whites omelet with mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers (the husband had smoked salmon additionally in his). Lunch: (we ate out) Dry salad with romaine, tomatoes, boiled eggs, and brick oven roasted chicken with olive oil and rosemary. We asked a lot of questions about how it was prepared and marinated. Dinner: Slow cooker pork carnitas tacos in lettuce cups with guacamole and tomatoes. Snack - Carrots and apple.

Day 1 Recap - It went really well, I stayed busy and because of that was around a lot of temptations (took the kids to the zoo, popcorn and candy, oh my). Although the plan is that you prepare all of your meals, we are a family that eats out, A LOT. In January we learned we can cook for ourselves more easily than anticipated, that was a welcomed bit of information. Knowing we already had this lunch out planned I brought with me tuna fish in a packet and the plan was to order a plain salad and it on top. But after speaking with the staff I felt comfortable ordering the chicken for my salad.  The BEST and EASIEST meal of the day was hands down the Carnitas for dinner. "What?!? It wasn't going out?" Nope. I prepared everything in the morning before heading out on our adventure. Link to recipe HERE. The only real temptation of the day was Zoo Popcorn because I LOVE popcorn and my lil' stinker sat right next to me wolfing it down.  It smelled GOOD you guys. They say in 30 days you won't crave things as much I doubt 30 days will kill my NEED of popcorn. Haha

I've know other people who have cut processed sugar from their diets and also a lot of what you read about the first week is that it is MISERY.  In January I didn't really experience that. Sure I had moments of intense cravings and perceived feelings of hunger when I was attempting to stop my constant grazing. BUT I never wanted to DIE or crawl up in a ball in the corner of the room.  A couple of times I went to bed super early to curve the longing for late night grazing.  Also I was getting up at 5am, for some reason when I don't eat processed sugar I wake up super early (I was never a morning person). So going to be early was welcomed. The last thing I did in January for the first few days I took an aspirin in the morning with my breakfast. I did that again this morning. Lucky for me I am not addicted to caffeine.

I made it a day without processed sugar. WOOT.