MOB Life

When I was little I use to lay away at night and dream of being "grown up". For far too long I would fantasize about being married, what our house would be like, how important our work would be in the world, and last but not least our little girl or if we were to have two kids it would have to be a set of boy/girl twins. That was my "Barbie" life, you know, the one you act out while playing Barbies as a child. I would literally lay awake at night and think about new scenes in my picture perfect future adult life.

Never, not once, never ever, was I going to be a Mom of Boys (MOB). Not only was I not doing this, I did not, not even for one hot minute, think this would even happen. Honestly I was a MOB before I even knew what MOB stood for and had to look it up when a good friend of mine kept using it in her Instagram posts. Was she part of a mob? Super interested in mobs? Why would you add MOB on this cute picture of you and your boys? I finally looked it up...

I'll admit I was thrilled after seven years of trying to be pregnant. I'll also admit I was a tad disappointed at the appointment we found out we were having a boy since I had already picked out "his" name...Samantha. People told me to name him Sam...nope not the same. Also because I thought for a very short second "well we will just have to try again for Samantha". A difficult pregnancy and life with newborn later I was like we are DONE. I even said a tearful goodbye to my dream Samantha one night while deleting on my girl nursery room plans. 

Then thing is "my" plans pretty much never ever are what we work from in our lives. One fine Jumpy Place day later with friends trying to bounce out our littles to a glorious nap, I was offered a DQ Oreo Blizzard by a friend and I wanted to puke when she sat it in front of me. Puke? Really?!?! I love ice cream. (It should have its own spot on the food pyramid next to popcorn.) I wanted nothing to do with this tasty treat. Then the question came "Are you Pregnant?". "NO!" I blurted, I mean No, Nope, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO (as Lego Batman would say). Seventeen corner store pregnancy tests later, I was indeed pregnant. 

You can probably guess what happens next from the title of this post. But just in case...I was devastated that my little boy wouldn't be an only child, I was miserable from another hard pregnancy, and somewhere I resolved it was okay because we were going to finally get our little Samantha. Why else would this all be happening? (I mean I know why it happened - but you know why??) Then the day came to find out the sex and yep another BOY!!! Bring back Lego Batman NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

Two boys? How can I even? Snips and Snail??? Where are my bows and dolls? Why did I keep my extensive Barbie collection???? Who was ever going to enjoy my Little Mermaid collection? I am a florist - my kids will never be into the flower shop, I will never be able to share my passion with them!!!!

Turns out they love flowers. They love picking out flowers, growing flowers, arranging flowers but most importantly giving flowers. It is ALWAYS their first choice of a gift for someone.

Being a MOB wasn't in my plan but it has actually been the perfect plan and I am so glad it is the one I get to live. My boys are so much more than I gave them credit for, they are inquisitive, kind, adventurous, loving, interesting, silly, and amazing.  They have taught me so much about who I am and make me a better person every single day. So I am a proud MOB who never knew she wanted to be a MOB but is so grateful for plans that do not work out.